January 25, 2013
Fitzgerald Grant III: Model of a Philandering President

  1. 1.    Always pick a smart one. A beauty with brains will always elevate your game.


    2.    Endeavour to speak to her in a language she understands. The Law, History and Politics are her thing? Feed into that… take her to the National Achieves to view and preferably to touch the original constitution. From my experience? Intellectual mind fcuks + intense emotional connection = mind blowing physical ‘conversation’. Chicks? Dig that. A lot!


    3.    Tantric Yoga rules! Make sure your EQ and IQ mesh with her EQ and her IQ. This enables you to breath in sync…an excellent precursor for amazing ‘physical conversation.’


    4.    Be very astute in your dealings with her. Learn to tell the difference between when ‘NO means NO’ and when ‘NO means YES’. There’s a thin line between a douche bag and a swagga master. Find it.



    5.    Body language is everything. Experts say that women love to talk? An expert is someone who has read one book. Sometimes a woman will give you the verbal run around, she’ll say stuff like ‘I want you to let me go’ don’t listen.  Check the body language, there’s always a tell, how she paces,  facial expression,  unlock that and she’s yours for life. If she insists let her go, if the loving was good,  inevitably, she will come trotting back. Refer to No 10 for proper explanation.


    6.    Make time to talk and listen to her…even if it is only over the phone. A woman loves it when you seek her counsel. That is the only way she begins to see you…starts to know you… wants to be with you. Listen to her. The advice is always spot on… you’ll be a ‘better man’. Subject to 1 and 3.


    7.    Sometimes a woman just wants to be held.If you can zero into that, trust me you can parlay it into something major.


    8.    Learn to apologise. When you fcuk up? Apologise. When you act like a douche bag? Apologise. Don’t lie. Apologise. Even if it means breaking with all established protocol to get to her. Apologise!!!! Either that or prepare to be singed by fires from the deepest corners of hell. I’d rather apologise.


    9.    Tarzan rules! Don’t buy into the Tarzan is out myth. Don’t. Metro-sexual man has got nothing on Tarzan okay? Women lurve that primal isht. If she fancies you, she’ll go ape shit for it. Here’s a word of caution though.  Make sure she really knows you well…you don’t want to be facing assault charges.


    10. Explore downtown. The best sights are downtown. Downtown is everything.  And while you are there, take your time. It’s only in giving that you’ll receive.


    Always tell her you love her. Never miss out on the opportunity to tell her you love her. When she’s angry? Tell her you love her. When you are angry? Tell her you love her. Doesn’t matter if you’re shouting it out in some bushes somewhere… Tell her you.love.her. NFG who is less than three feet away. Just.say.it.


    I am F.T.G III POTUS and I approve this message.


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    I agree, he is definitely humble. He is a man that knows he is flawed and is literally at the service of the people he...
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    Fitz so got laid after that debate. Lol. If Cyrus was in his emotions over what Fitz said you know Olivia was all about...