January 21, 2013
Scandal: Move on, there’s life beyond the gutters.

Black women love “Scandal” because it shows a powerful white man lusting after a black woman. Period. Seriously, that’s pretty much it. That doesn’t explain the popularity of the show, but that DOES explain why black women love and are rooting for some sideline ho. (Musing by girlfromthegutter).

I can’t with this.

Scandal deals with a myriad of  socio-economic and political issues ranging from homophobia, class, gender, relationship dynamics, history, international relations and yes…politics. I tune in for that. I also tune in because of the Fitz’s and Olivia’s love story. It is love… that is what it is… love. And I love a good love story.

 Fitz is a white man? So what? Above and beyond that,  are three  important things

  1. He is a human being. 
  2. He is not a white supremacist. He has shown through his policies that he supports the politics of inclusivity. 
  3. He loves Olivia with every fibre of his being. 

What’s not to like?

Don’t re-write and falsify the narrative.  Olivia is not a sideline ho.Ask Fitz and he will tell you that Olivia is not and was never his mistress, she is the love of his life and he would give up everythingto be with her. His wife knows it, his right-hand man knows it. What’s not to like again?

America has moved on. People from all walks of life meet and genuinely fall in love everyday. Ask Melanie Hobson, Iman, Janet Langhart, Grace Hightower, Tara Wilson, the list is long. This is their story. Love is love. Race is a social construct. White and black? Mere colours. I respect the fact that there are black women brave enough to rise above this and accept love for what it is.

Dripping malice and trivialising  the fact that a white man is madly in love with a black woman is not going to solve the myriad socio-economic problems faced by African-Americans.

There is room for all of us at the rendezvous.

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